Cryptoneur DAO

Cryptoneur DAO


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Completed the buildspace DAO course, building a DAO for Crypto and Web3 Entrepeneurs called Cryptoneur DAO. Smart contracts were deployed to the Rinkbey Test Network via the thirdweb SDK. In the project a membership NFT was created with certain claim conditions to become a member. Furthermore a governance token with an airdrop script was implemented allowing members to create and vote on new proposals.


  • Created a CryptoneurDAO Membership NFT Collection
  • Created CryptoneurDAO Membership Token for members to mint and become part of the DAO with specific claim conditions
  • Created an initial supply of 1.000.000 Cryptoneur Governance Token that were airdropped to members via a script
  • Created a governance contract for CryptoneurDAO members to submit and vote on proposals