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Immutable X is a scaling solution for NFTs that aims to enable near-instant, zero gas fee transactions. The $500m fund is set up to exponentially accelerate the growth and success of web3 projects & games built on Ethereum’s Layer 2 protocol, Immutable X, via Ventures and providing access to Digital Worlds’ Grants. Digital Worlds NFTS, the not-for-profit foundation and issuer of the $IMX token, is very excited to offer Grants to projects seeking to build on the ImmutableX protocol. All Grants offered to prospective builders are subject to the final approval by Digital Worlds NFTS. Successful Grant recipients will receive access to monetary support, milestone-based IMX rewards, and access to deep blockchain gaming support and expertise. This includes direct access to an advisory service for tokenomics and game design, plus community and marketing support. All projects planning to build on the ImmutableX protocol are encouraged to submit an application form below.
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