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Fund Opportunities that have the potential to grow protocol volume exponentially via win/win partnerships with balanced risk/reward. Specifically, we have identified the following areas for prioritization: Projects that increase 0x protocol volume (preference for orderbook-based volume) Projects building on 0x protocol and Polygon Protocol feature development (for example, integrating NFT support from v3 into v4) Non-DeFi business models and use cases (social, games, etc.) Research, simulation, and analytics related to tokenomics design Branding strategy Community engagement Developer engagement and support
Supported Blockchains
Binance Smart ChainAvalancheFantomCeloEthereumPolygon
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CommunityProtocol DevelopmentResearch
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Protocol DevelopmentResearch


All suggested ideas and projects from grant givers themeselves.

1. Branding & Marketing
The mission of the 0x protocol is to create a tokenized world where all value flows freely. While the protocol has achieved product-market fit and is a market leader in its class, the story of how 0x protocol is actively enabling and shaping this future world needs to be told in a powerful and compelling way that resonates with various user communities. As we are not branding and marketing experts ourselves, we need help with developing and sharing this story.
2. Documentation Refresh
0x is a protocol that facilitates the peer-to-peer exchange of tokenized assets. The protocol serves as an open standard and common building block for any developer needing exchange functionality. 0x provides secure smart contracts that are externally audited; developer tools tailored to the 0x ecosystem; and open access to a pool of shared liquidity. Developers can integrate with 0x at the smart contract or application layer. However, as the protocol has evolved, the documentation has become out-of-date, confusing, and not easily usable by developers. We need help with updating developer documentation to keep it fresh and accurate.
3. Developer Outreach
0x protocol and the liquidity that flows through it is foundational to enabling performant DeFi and non-DeFi applications, but the developer community may not be aware of its powerful features or may need help with technical knowledge and integrations. For example, active participation in hackathons, tutorials, and best practice sharing could draw more developers to build on 0x. We need help with growing this capability within the DAO.
4. Protocol Upgrades (NFT Support)
0x v2 and v3 included support for NFTs (ERC 721/1155), but v4 does not. We need help to port NFT support from earlier versions into v4 and to also add new NFT capabilities. This work will require an in-depth understanding of the protocol and will also be required to undergo an audit.