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Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea: Airdrop a Personal CryptoPunk

Felix Vemmer
December 21, 2022

Looking for a unique and cool Christmas present? I am sharing a tutorial to gift your loved ones a personally created CryptoPunk. The best thing is it requires no coding skills is completely free and can be done in 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Create Your Own Unique Crypto Punk

Let’s start by creating a personalised unique NFT inspired by the famous CryptoPunks from Larva Labs Studio.


CryptoPunks is a non-fungible token (NFT) collection on the Ethereum blockchain. CryptoPunks are commonly credited with starting the NFT craze of 2021. Today, due to their rarity and exclusivity, they are often used as a status symbol in cryptocurrency communities, as well as fetching higher prices on the open market and making their way to auction houses like Christie's. The highest sale of a crypto punk was for 7.58M USD

Luckily designing your own unique CryptoPunk gets a lot easier with this really cool project created by JΞLLO.

CryptoPunk Avatar Generator version 2.0 for @figmadesign is finally here! 🎉 #figma #cryptopunk #free

If you do not have a free Figma account yet, go ahead and create one before duplicating the project.

Figa CryptoPunk Avatar Generator

Once you have the project duplicated you can scroll through the very well-written how-to guide. In the beginning, I was also a bit confused since I never used Figma before so I will give you a quick start.

Editing Mode

To start editing in the left panel, select the Crypto Punk 2.0 (New) 💥

Next, you can scroll down to change either the colors or edit different attributes of a CryptoPunk.

Changing Attributes

In order to change attributes, we need to first collapse the Preview and then we can start hiding or showing different attributes by clicking the icon that looks like an eye right next to the lock icon.

One of the most important settings you will have to make is choosing from the two available face choices all the way to the bottom of the page:

  • Face - Lean (L)
  • Face - Moderate (M)

Depending on what Face you choose some items or attributes will be compatible while others will not be.

Selecting Variants of Certain Attributes

For every item, under Preview we can select different variants of each item. First, select the item, for example, Mouth by clicking on it that it is highlighted in a light blue and then in the right panel look for the identical name to select a variant:


To get a great-looking result make sure that the Variant (e.g. L & M) do match with the lean or moderate face that you choose.

Changing Colors

Once you are happy with the outline of your personal CryptoPunk you can start adjusting the colors by first collapsing Editor to see the Content. Then collapse one more time to be able to collapse the CURRENT COLOR to be able to select all the color variants:

C 08 -> Background Color
C 07 -> Mouth Color
C 06 -> Nose Color
C 05 -> Eyebrow Color
C 04 -> Eye Color
C 03 -> Skin Color
C 02 -> Facial Hair Color
C 01 -> Hair Color

To change a color select the target C value by clicking on it and fight in the right panel the Section colors setting, and double click in the color field below to start changing the color:

Exporting To .png

Once you are happy with your result, in the left sidebar under # Preview select the # CryptoPunk layer, by clicking on it so that it is highlighted in light blue.

Next look in the right sidebar for the Export heading and the Export CryptoPunk button allowing you to save your result as a PNG.


Congrats you just finished designing your personal CryptoPunk! The next steps will be fairly easy!

Step 2: Creating a Burner Wallet

In order to be able to store the NFT, we need to create a wallet. Luckily thanks to @austingriffith and the buidlguidl creators, this is as easy as going to

Once you click on the link the website generates for you a burner wallet that you can use to mint your NFT:

A quick web wallet for demonstrating the identity of keypairs and sending around ETH.

Next, we need to save the Private Key and the Wallet Address so that we can import the account to Metamask. If you do not have a Metamask wallet yet, follow this video to get started.

Exposing Our PunkWallet Private Key

In order to be able to min the NFT we will need to import out PunkWallet to Metamask by accessing the Private Key from our PunkWallet:

Importing our PunkWallet to MetaMask

Now we can click on the round-shaped circle in the Metamask Google Chrome Extension and click on the Import Account field. Follow the instructions and paste your Private Key from above into the MetaMask input field:


Well done we have our account set up and our NFT ready. Let’s start minting!!!

Step 3: Minting our NFT on Polygon

Now the most exciting part comes. Polygon created a super cool online tool that allows us to mint an NFT for free:

Minting is super easy, just follow the intuitive UI by completing the following steps:

  • [ ] Connect your PunkWallet via MetaMask that you recently imported (top right corner)
  • [ ] Upload your designed CryptoPunk
  • [ ] Provide a Title & Description and optionally a Social Media Url
  • [ ] Start Minting 😎

Once you have successfully minted your NFT you can see your Transaction on polygonscan by following the link.

Step 4: Start Airdropping/Shipping your NFT

Let’s start preparing a nice email and send all the info to our gift recipient. In order to make it as easy as possible for the receiver to enjoy their NFT, I drafted the following email template that you can adapt. You will only need to fill in and provide some links. Before we can do that however there is one more final step.

Unhiding our NFT on Open Sea

Go to OpenSea sign in with our PunkWallet via Metamask and make the NFT unhidden. By going to your Profile then navigating to the Hidden Items and going to the settings to Unhide your NFT.

Gifting your NFT via Email

Below is a quick template I used to gift NFTs to my family and friends. Feel free to take some inspiration from there.

Congratulations 🥳

Congrats you just created a super cool unique gift. Here again a quick summary of all the awesome things we have accomplished:

  • [ ] Designed our own CryptoPunk with the Figma CryptoPunk Generator Template
  • [ ] Created a BurnerWallet and imported this Wallet to MetaMask
  • [ ] Minted our NFT on Polygon into our PunkWallet

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and follow me on Twitter to not miss more awesome content and tutorials.